Dracula Finance


Swap fees

Trading volatile assets: 0.4%
Stable assets: 0.02%
The distribution is as follows:
50% goes to voters
20% goes to tod/hod NFT stakers
30% is sent to the treasury

The formulas for reference

Assets with minimal to no volatility can be incorporated into a stable pool. The pricing formula for such assets allows for minimal slippage, even when trading in large volumes.
Stable pools: x³y + y³x ≥ k
Assets with high price volatility can be incorporated into a volatile pool, which utilizes a generic Automated Market Maker (AMM) formula.
Volatile pools: x × y ≥ k

Visual representation of the formulas

Mathematically derived formulas are implemented to ensure that the total pool liquidity remains consistent. Below, the differences between the stable (red) and volatile (blue) AMM pricing equations, where:
  • x is the amount of first asset in the pool
  • y is the amount of second asset in the same pool
  • k is a fixed constant