Dracula Finance

Gauge weight

If a gauge on the platform receives votes from veFANG, it will be rewarded with more FANG tokens, proportional to the total number of votes it receives. This mechanism ensures that the most valuable pools are rewarded with more tokens over time.
Additionally, the Bribes Bond feature plays a significant role in further boosting the rewards, creating a more attractive APR for the users, and limiting the inflation of the FANG token due to the substantial amount of bribes introduced by the bond. The rewards that are distributed are typically determined by the total value locked in the gauge, and this often leads to an annual percentage rate, the APR.
With the introduction of the Bribes Bond, the rewards and the resulting APR can be significantly higher, attracting more users to participate in the protocol while keeping the inflation of the FANG token in check. The more veFANG votes in the gauge, the more FANG tokens you receive. For more details about the Bribes Bond feature and how it affects the rewards and token inflation, please refer to the "Bribes Bonds" section of this document.