Dracula Finance

Protocols whitelisting and bitelisting


You wish to be one of us? Good news, Dracula Fi is permissionless, you must hold 0.5% of the total circulating supply of FANG, and that's it.
The objective of this requirement is to encourage a wide range of tokens to be listed on our platform. This can lead to an increase of activity and generate more fees, attract more votes from users. Diversifying the tokens available on our platform can enhance its attractiveness and dynamism by generating a greater variety of options for users and stimulating economic activity.


Being Bitelisted means to be blacklisted. To avoid bad actors, Dracula community is the solution, veFANG holders can downvote tokens related to malicious activity and get them out of the game, no Dracula blood for bad actors! Just drain all the veFANG and turn them into bloodless bodies!