Dracula Finance

tod & hod NFTs

By minting tod NFTs (Tear Of Dracula), users are able to benefit from the protocol's revenue stream, while also gaining exposure to rewards associated with Dracula, the NFT-Fi collection decline in two types of NFTs and gives different perks.

todNFT, Tear Of Dracula

  • Tears of Dracula NFT starkers earn a swap fee from Dracula DEX, starting at 20% and decreasing over time to 10%.
  • 2% of all secondary sales are directed to the todNFT staking pool.
  • Guaranteed inclusion in the top tier of the veFANG airdrop.
  • Exclusive roles and benefits are granted within the Dracula Discord and zkSync ecosystem.

hodNFT, Heart Of Dracula

  • Heart of Dracula is a rare item with only 44 (7.5%) minters getting the opportunity to own it.
  • These legendary items earn an additional 0.5% from secondary sales, resulting in ~4x higher earnings than todNFTs.
  • Ownership guarantees inclusion in the veFANG airdrop.
  • Exclusive roles and benefits are available in the Dracula Discord for hodNFT holders