Dracula Finance

Voting and rewards

veFANG holders decide which liquidity pools receive emissions in a given epoch by voting on their preferred liquidity pool. FANG emissions will be distributed proportionally to the total votes a liquidity pool receives.
By locking FANG, users get veFANG that allows them to vote for gauges on a weekly basis, and receive 50% of the trading fees and 100% of the bribes for the associated pool.
It's important to be aware of epochs. By participating in veFANG voting and governance, holders have the opportunity to earn trading fees, bribes, and weekly distributions. Remember to vote weekly and stay informed!
  • Each epoch lasts for 7 days.
  • You earn only from the pools you voted for.
  • Trading fees and bribes are claimable after the end of the epoch
  • To reset or change your vote, you must wait for the next epoch
  • If you forget to vote, the weight of your vote remains, but you lose the bribes and trading fees.

In summary, voters receive

  • Trading fees from the pools they vote for
  • Bribes deposited for the pools they vote for
  • Weekly veFANG rebase